Saturday January 23, 2021

12:22 pm

Have been quite busy since the new year started with participating in a ton of more networking events to grow business and introduce myself to the Entrepreneur community in general and I’ll say things have been pleasantly hectic. Not that things are crazy but since the beginning of the year I have been blessed to meet new people who own their own small business and acquire more potential clients whom I am so excited to work with on various projects whether it be for their personal use or making gifts for their loved ones and friends. It is so amazing to finally be able to do some fun artsy metal projects having spent the last 15/17 years welding and fabricating the same old stuff over and over again day in and day out. There were maybe two times that I got to design and build something unique for a company client but other than that every day was usually the same although I will say I do miss the guys I used to work with. They were wonderful and fun to work with…they probably don’t even think about me though I don’t ever hear from them and I feel like its one of those things that “out of sight out of mind”. But I digress.

This weekend I will be finishing up a few just because projects and listing them on the site as well as the Etsy shop

I look forward to sharing my work with you all. 🙂

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