Resurrection Project

This year has really opened my awareness to how important it is to do what you say your going to do. With the strain of being forced to stay home and not have the freedom to go out whenever I want/ed I’ve been forced to get my head out of my ___(you know). I started this LLC back in 2016 and having had no idea how to even run a business on my own I put up the website and what few pictures I had on my phone on projects that I’ve done and then promptly hung it all up to dry out and decay for the past three years.

It wasn’t until this year, after finally getting back on with a company I had been wanting to get back with that I was blessed to lose my job pretty much right away. Having just been hired back with them in January and then let go in March when the company couldn’t afford having that shift anymore that I then had to face the realization that I needed to earn a living somehow. But even then I decided to use what unemployment I could get and wait out the shut downs until I could get hired back. So for the next four or five months I worked on everything else that I had been too lazy to do at my house, not having an excuse anymore to not do house chores or yard work or even build my ideas that I am constantly programming into my AutoCAD program, it was all just a means to distract myself from the reality that one day unemployment wouldn’t be there (though I dislike claiming unemployment with a passion), I needed to earn a living.

Finally when all my house projects were coming down to being completed and I was running out of things to do I found myself with some pretty lengthy stretches of free time. It happened that my hubs came early from work one day and said that I could go somewhere if I wanted and he would take care of the puppies that I decided to find a new coffee shop around where we live now and spend some time by myself. I found an awesome shop called “Hello Coffee” off of Jewel and Alameda by the way. But I was just sitting there having occupied a table close to the back of the shop and was simply observing what was going on around me when the thoughts of what I was going to do with myself before I became broke came flooding into my mind. I stayed there with my coffee and just let the thoughts roll in all the while having the conviction of “be anxious for nothing”. I have never been one to get totally hung up on things especially when it comes to money but at that present time there were things that weren’t working out so great in other areas and I needed help. I opened up my tablet and clicked on my bible app and the first thing I saw was a devotional on facing your problems head on and not cowering from them and there was that phrase “be anxious for nothing” nearly at the top of the page. I spent the next hour just reading and journaling (I literally just googled how to spell ‘journalling’ ‘journaling’ so now I’m confused on spelling) and when I was done I had an answer about what to do with myself.

Face my problems like a big girl and take care of sh**. So I am working on sanding off all the rust from what I started three years ago and I have new projects and experiences to share while I bring this emaciated creature back to life. I’m so excited and thankful for another chance.

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